William Christopher Hiscott

2012 photos

The photo below taken December 23, 2012

Sitting on grandma's suitcase

Look grandma "Christmas Lights"

Hockey Stick time

Checking out the boxes next to the tree

Grandma fix my ball

William made his Christmas Tree decorations

Hockey net

Got to put my table in just the right place

Even with all the toys William remembers to give Max some love


Looking outside for Christmas Lights

"Ready Hockey"


Making breakfast for dad on Fathers Day

Dad's home yea!

Willie at the splash pad

After my hair cut 5-22-2012

Getting hair cut 5-22-2012

On my way for a hair cut 5-22-2012

He thinks he is a team member and his job is passing out uniforms.


Play time with mom 2-4-2012

Time for a walk about

Big boy at the game with dad 1/16/2012