Moody Gardens in Galveston Texas

We went on Labor Day.  It was quiet, many canceled because of the pending hurricane.

The Tuesday after Labor Day the hotel had only 24 guests total, that included Teri and I. 

This is the hotel looking at it from the pyramid.

This hotel has super views from almost every area.

Very nice boats of all sizes, Teri and I couldn't stop taking pictures.

One last look before we went inside the Rainforest pyramid. 

The clear glass pyramid is the Rainforest.

This was the view from our room.

View from the room

This pyramid is the aquarium.  Inside is a huge aquarium with glass walk through tanks.

The brown pyramid is where they have the Titanic exhibition.   Its the discovery pyramid.

The building in the center is the Imax building.

More view from the room.

The colonel is part of Moody Gardens the rides are part of your fee. It sails twice a day.

We had fun at the 3-D and 4-D Imax movies.

Evening view from the room

They have a live band and play things for kids.  The band is on the bottom left.  The pool is huge and has

a swim up bar.  The tent is a bar and food area with cooks cooking on several gas grills. 

They even have a fire pit for kids to roast marshmallows. 

Lots of parking and it is all easy and close.

You can see the pool to the right in this picture.

Another band  was on stage this evening and you can see the pool again to the right.

No crowds - No problems - Good service - Very beautiful

They have real Titanic artifacts.  Not just pictures.  Actual personal items and pieces of the ship.

Teri took these one evening from the downstairs restaurant.  The sky was remarkable.

This is the inside of the downstairs restaurant.  It had great food and super service.

Happy camper

Another band and a close up of the patio.  The glass to the right is the downstairs restaurant.




I was waiting for the PED to X.