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  This is a new bird in our yard this year, it is a Kiskadee.  It is yellow breast and brown back with black and white head.

The Kiskadee has a very loud call almost like a yell.  We have 6 in our yard so far.  They are larger than a Robin or a big Dove/

This is a baby Nat Catcher it is smaller than my thumb.  The expanded metal has such small holes you can't stick a finger in them. 

These are very tame and fly all around us when we are in the yard.  They catch little bugs.



This is why we have so many birds.  Could it be the 20lbs of feed each week?

The little blue birds are the same size as a sparrow.  Four visit us every day.

Beautiful yellow/orange breast with black head and back

Blue head - Green back - Orange - breast

I think this is a red wing black bird. 

We have several red birds but they scare easily. 

We have several hummers and you can get within 4 feet of them.