Most of the photo's were taken on our property.

All of the photos below were taken on the Terlingua Ranch.

  Several of the photos are of the Lodge and the Ranch Office.

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 Mr. D.B. Smith (Robert) passed away - we lost a good friend he sold us our property,

He was a U.S.Coastguard retired officer - he always said he retired from Uncle Sams Canoe Club.

The views are breathtaking  


Taken from the front porch of the Ranch Lodge

Taken from the Ranch Lodge front porch looking at Ranch Office


This is one of the Ranch Lodge Buildings

Another picture from the Lodge front porch

Picture of the Ranch Office from the Lodge front porch

Terlingua Ranch Office

The Lodge Restaurant

The Lodge cabins looking from above


This is a creek running across our property.

We wore snake boots but never saw one.

Teri and I hiked the creek bottom across our property


Teri was loaded, bag for rocks, camera, phone, water, snacks

This is the creek bed running across our property

Teri loves this plant

Arrowhead Teri found on our property ( as she found it )

One happy camper

The electric pole is at the edge of our property

This is our closest neighbor this is to the east of our property

DB and Gary

Gary and DB

The sound of water running over rocks was wonderful

Mr. Robert Smith III ( D.B.)