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Corpus Christi, Texas Weather Page 

Teri in San Antonio

Gary on computer

June 2017 Tarpley Ranch

Trip to Apache Junction Goldfield Ghost Town

Little William

Little William

Little William

San Antonio Natural Bridge Wildlife Park

San Antonio Omni Hotel La Masion San Antonio Trip

San Antonio Missions

Christmas in San Antonio on the River Walk / Omni Hotel 

Teri's mom goes to Moody Gardens Galveston Texas

Moody Gardens Galveston Texas Rainforest Pyramid opening

Natural Bridge Caverns

Hammerheads Indoor Football

Mom's Family Christmas Party   Part 1

Mom's Christmas Party Santa Arrived Part 2 

Mom's Christmas Party After Santa Left Part 3 


Thanksgiving in Galveston

Sunrise at the Bayfront Park  

Corpus Christi Bayfront Park Kiosk Plaza 

Corpus Christi Bayfront Park and Fountain 

A few photos at the water 

Corpus Christi, Texas Sunrise Photos 

 New Photos at the water 

Corpus Christi, Texas  


New Years Party San Luis Hotel Galveston 

San Luis Hotel Galveston Views  

Christmas in San Antonio on the River Walk 

Mission San Jose in San Antonio  

Teri makes a SNOW ANGEL  

Teri's family old photos 

Disney World Trip November


Sea World San Antonio  

Sea World San Antonio

Photos of   9/11/2001  

Teri and I at Moody Gardens Galveston, Texas

Labor Day photos along the coast

Teri's visit with Sef and Mom

Our front yard

Our back yard

Teri and Gary VIP circus guests

Teri and Gary in San Antonio

Teri  Trayler  San Antonio Zoo

San Antonio Zoo

Halloween Costumes

Labor Day Pictures

Teri and her Flowers    Teri and her Birds  

Terlingua Ranch, Texas              Big Bend, Texas 

Hawks arrive in Corpus Christi

 Trisha and John Memories

Pictures from our Disney World Trips  

Sunset - Sunrise      

Gary's Mom's Birthday - Memorial Day

A Few Pictures Teri's Mom

Teri With Trisha And John



Gary Trayler   Teri Trayler



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